The hottest phthalic anhydride rises with the PVC

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phthalic anhydride rises with the PVC market

although its downstream products dibutyl ester and dioctyl ester are promising, the market price in China is still stable. At the beginning of the new year, the PVC market rebounded strongly, and the market price of its plasticizer was also rising. Dealers are also stabilizing the price of raw material o-xylene, with a quotation of USD/ton (FOB South Korea), which will also force phthalic anhydride manufacturers to further increase the price, and the pendulum is in the vertical position. However, manufacturers remind people that the market demand of Chinese end-users is not large enough to prove the sharp rise in prices. According to the analysis of insiders, there is not much room for the development of phthalic anhydride market. In the spot market, the price of tons of products sold by Japanese manufacturers is set at $460/ton (CFR China), and they will be delivered at the end of February. The bid price of the buyer is USD/ton (CFR main port). The quotation of Southeast Asian manufacturers is USD/ton (CFR). The dealer quoted a purchase price of 460 US dollars in February. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has studied the bending test of plexiglass materials, yuan/ton (CFR West Asia)

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