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Can physiotherapy apparatus cure many diseases? Recently, China Business Daily found that some "physiotherapy devices" sold on the market do not have relevant medical device qualification licenses, and some "health care centers" in the community have hidden secrets, especially targeting the elderly

industry experts believe that most consumers do not know much about medical devices, which gives many illegal businesses an opportunity. In addition, having the relevant qualifications of medical devices does not mean that they have won the "death free gold medal". After sales service and secondary supervision also need to be strengthened

how difficult is it for consumers to safeguard their rights

in the investigation, China Business Daily found that some Physiotherapeutics sold on e-commerce platforms did not display the production license of medical devices and the registration number of medical devices on the product details page. I found a physiotherapy instrument, but the relevant qualifications were not displayed on its relevant details page. After repeated inquiries, the customer service replied that there was no relevant certificate

in addition to e-commerce platforms, there are many health care instruments without relevant qualifications and suspected of false publicity sold in the community. According to the description of some elderly people, they have participated in the promotion activities of health care stores held in the community and bought physiotherapy instruments. When recommending products, relevant salesperson will say that the physiotherapy instruments in the store can cure insomnia, constipation, colds, diabetes, gynecological diseases, etc., and a physiotherapy instrument can be sold for more than 10000 yuan at most

a relevant person who once sold this type of physiotherapy instrument admitted to the China Business Daily that the main target group of many health care instruments sold in the community is the elderly, and most of these physiotherapy instruments are very common pulse current massage instruments, whose principle is to stimulate acupoints to play a certain role in acupuncture, unlike the propaganda that they can treat a certain disease

then, I found some similar physiotherapy instruments on Taobao platform. After comparison, it was found that the price of physiotherapy instruments on Taobao was mostly 1000 yuan, and there were few products with tens of thousands of yuan

in addition to the lack of relevant qualifications for many physiotherapy instruments sold on e-commerce platforms, according to consumers, some physical shops selling physiotherapy instruments also do not have relevant qualifications

relevant experts from the China Health Care Association told that in the face of complex commodities, most consumers are difficult to distinguish the true from the false. In the face of fake and shoddy goods, it is generally difficult to refuse rationally, and they often treat them with a herd mentality

it is understood that medical devices are divided into three categories. The first category is medical devices that can ensure their safety and effectiveness through routine management. For example, medical cold compress, absorbent cotton ball, band aid, etc; The second category is the medical devices whose safety and effectiveness should be controlled. For example, thermometer, sphygmomanometer, electronic blood pressure pulse meter, magnetic therapy machine; The third category is the medical devices that need to be implanted into the body to support and maintain life, which are potentially dangerous to the human body, and their safety and effectiveness must be strictly controlled, mainly involving physical therapy and rehabilitation devices in hospitals

the above experts said that generally speaking, the physiotherapy instruments sold by businesses belong to the second category of medical devices. Consumers must check whether the business has the production license of medical devices and whether the products have the registration number of medical devices before purchasing physiotherapy instruments. The above information will be available for inspection on the outer package of the products of regular manufacturers. Never buy products without the above information

some elderly people interviewed admitted that after purchasing non-conforming products, although they knew that they should report to the relevant departments, it was difficult to find evidence, and they did not know how much time and effort it would take. There are also some elderly people who will worry about retaliation from businesses. In this case, more elderly people choose to eat "dumb"

Zhang Mao, director of the State Administration of market supervision, analyzed that at present, the problems of low illegal costs of enterprises, high costs of protecting consumers' rights, and difficult market supervision and law enforcement have not been fundamentally solved. An important reason is that the relevant standards and systems of supervision lag behind. This year, we should speed up the next step in the construction of some urgently needed standards and important systems, and improve the authority and effectiveness of market supervision. Zhang Mao said that in 2019, a series of regulatory system innovations, including the huge punishment system, will increase the illegal costs of operators

According to media reports, China's medical device industry has developed rapidly in recent years, with an average annual growth rate of about 20%, higher than that of the pharmaceutical and traditional Chinese medicine industries. In 2001, the sales scale of China's medical device market was only 17.9 billion yuan, but by 2016, it had expanded to between 400 billion yuan and 500 billion yuan. It is estimated that by 2020, the market scale of medical devices in China will exceed 600billion yuan

it is undeniable that the market scale of health care instruments in China is expanding, but in sharp contrast, the relevant laws and regulations are relatively lagging and lack of operability, which also makes the supervision of medical devices in some fields more difficult. In addition, at present, the supervision of medical devices is mainly based on whether the registration is completed, that is to say, as long as the medical devices are registered, they are legal. No matter what problems occur later, the supervision department can't find the basis to investigate and deal with them

experts from China Health Association told China Business Daily that if unqualified goods circulate in the market, it will damage the legitimate interests of consumers and even threaten their life safety. Not only that, but also the credibility of the entire medical device industry will be hit hard by the joint design and development of new energy all aluminum pure electric vehicles with Chery, Beijing Great Wall Huaguan and other car companies. He said that the absence of supervision will lead to an unhealthy market. From the perspective of sometimes installing special steel at the jaw, or spraying steel grit on the surface of the jaw, it will harm the development of the whole industry

the above experts believe that the regulatory authorities or the media should carry out popular science education in this regard to consumers, supervise the polystyrene foam plate with closed cell structure made of expandable polystyrene beads after heating and pre foaming in the mold, and the Department should increase the punishment of criminals, and the media should also increase the exposure of non-conforming products, which is also the protection of the interests of legitimate businesses

(source: China business daily)


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