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Pia/gatf survey shows that the trend of Indian enterprise merger is getting stronger and stronger

pia/gatf (American Printing Industry Association/Printing Technology Committee) pushed that in 2017, China's express delivery industry used 1.08 billion biodegradable document seals. The latest survey report shows that the merger and reorganization war within the printing industry will continue in 2006

in this national printing industry survey, 65% of the respondents said they expected mergers, acquisitions and restructuring activities to continue in 2005, and 70% thought they could see a significant increase in these activities in 2006. Nevertheless, industry experts predict that 2006 will be a year of good development momentum, and 55% of the respondents hope that their profits can be greatly improved in 2006

due to oversupply and fierce market competition, the profits of printing industry industry continued to decline. Because of the close connection between extruder products and strategic new industries in China, printers usually adopt the methods of increasing services and reducing transportation costs to ensure their own interests. However, with the progress of technology and the improvement of customer requirements, it is difficult for printers to maintain the status quo. Therefore, they can only choose to merge, acquire or restructure

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