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The advantages of the physical market and the upper market complement each other, and the prospect is wide

China Science and technology hardware city group company has reviewed the situation and started to establish the "China Hardware mall" as early as a few years ago, encouraging and supporting operators (enterprises) to expand e-commerce business and seek marketing space. At present, more and more business operators and enterprises have joined the e-commerce field and established online stores or e-commerce stations. While doing a good job in physical stores and knowing about them with confidence, they have also taken a key step towards the transformation of e-commerce, effectively promoting the common prosperity of the physical market and online market

as early as last year, China search, a leading domestic e-commerce platform service provider, predicted that the "new e-commerce era" has arrived. The so-called "new e-commerce era" refers to a new era opened by traditional enterprises through the transformation to e-commerce and the establishment of vertical e-commerce stations, thereby breaking the industrial monopoly of pure e-commerce enterprises. This year is a blowout year for traditional enterprises, and the development of e-commerce industry has entered a new stage

At the end of the previous year, the Ministry of Commerce issued guidance on the construction of e-commerce credit system during the 12th Five Year Plan, pointing out that it is necessary to establish and improve e-commerce credit system, improve e-commerce industry standards, develop e-commerce service industry, and speed up the construction of e-commerce credit system; And clearly put forward that by 2015, China's Enterprises above Designated Size will apply e-commerce to more than 80%; The application of e-commerce to complete the import and export trade volume accounts for more than 10% of China's total import and export trade volume in that year; The retail sales volume of the Internet is equivalent to more than 9% of the total retail sales of social consumer goods. It can be seen that the vigorous promotion and support of the state for e-commerce business has provided a strong driving force for the development of the e-commerce industry

with the rapid rise of the new generation of online shopping, more and more online users begin to be familiar with and adapt to online shopping methods. According to the statistics of China Internet Network Information Center, in 2011, the number of users of online shopping in China reached 194million, and the utilization rate of online shopping increased to 37.8%. Last year, the number of users of online payment in China reached 167million, and the utilization rate increased to 32.5%. In addition, the development of metal air battery industry still faces many technical bottlenecks, indicating that there is still a large room for growth in online shopping in China. It is estimated that the compound annual growth rate of China's personal consumption e-commerce market will reach 42% in the next five years, and the total market size will reach 1.523 trillion yuan in 2014

the explosive increase in the number of customers and the broad development prospects of the e-commerce market have become the catalyst for traditional enterprises to accelerate e-commerce. Industry experts pointed out: "traditional enterprises have product advantages and physical store sales advantages. Once combined with e-commerce, it will achieve a leap in user coverage, which will play a huge role in promoting the development of operators and enterprises."

"China Hardware merchants and Sigri experts' analysis and imitation city of materials" currently has more than 300000 franchise enterprises and more than 500000 registered members. It is the most influential station in the hardware industry and the first B2C based e-commerce trading station in the hardware industry, with B2B and C2C functions at the same time. According to the cost analysis of experts in the industry, it provides a broad exchange world and a professional e-commerce trading platform for enterprises and businesses in the national hardware and electrical industry. It integrates product sales, trading, payment, logistics and distribution, enterprise promotion, brand publicity, trade negotiation, personnel recruitment, business opportunity release, management software application and other services, so that hardware businesses across the country can negotiate, sell and purchase quickly and conveniently, Let hardware enterprises directly face consumers across the country to carry out direct sales services. With the strong physical market development advantages of China Science and technology hardware city and the hardware industry advantages of our city, "China Hardware mall" has attracted a large number of operators and enterprises to carry out e-commerce business, and introduced a large number of domestic and foreign brand products, China's well-known trademarks and famous trademark products, so that e-commerce can be carried out smoothly, providing unique advantages for the vast number of operators and hardware enterprises to expand the market, It has built a trading platform for the two cities, and at the same time, it also makes the physical market and the upper market of the hardware city complement each other, complementing and win-win. (xumingxia, China Science and technology hardware city group)

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