The hottest Pico monster 24kvr all-in-one machine

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How about the functions of Pico monster 2 4K VR all in one machine (exclusive package)? Experience evaluation experience

this Pico little monster 2 4K VR all-in-one machine (exclusive package) is recommended by the evaluation. After planting this one in the back, it feels good at first sight. After playing for a period of time, it feels good and light. It's not very tired after playing for two hours. I tried free movies and also played free games. It's clear and fresh. The overall workmanship is also very good, clean style. It's also convenient to send bags for activities, so it's useful to go out and play. After sales is very patient and answers every question. It's worth buying's latest quotation and comment details,

turn to more user comments, and expose the advantages and disadvantages,

comparison for friends in need.

II. Price quotation of Pico little monster 2 4K VR all-in-one machine (exclusive package):

Pico little monster 2 4K VR all-in-one machine (mobile game set) home HD head mounted VR somatosensory game machine 4K movie VR glasses virtual reality intelligent glasses device, which is pre sold on tmall at ¥ 2699.00, Deposit ¥ 100.00 pay the deposit immediately minus 100

little monster 2 4K tmall activity quotation

III Pico monster 2 4K VR all-in-one machine (exclusive package) configuration parameters:

brand: pico/bird look

model: Monster 2 new 4K standard package

color classification: Pico monster 2 4K mobile game package (supporting 7 days without reason)

manufacturer: goer Co., Ltd.

screen type: 4k

chip brand: Qualcomm

warranty period: 12 months

IV Pico little monster 2 4K VR all-in-one machine (exclusive package) other users commented:

1. Received something. I'm very satisfied with VR for the first time. People like me who are too lazy to go to the cinema can be solved at home! You can also play the glory of the king. It's sour. You don't need it. The handle is not used yet. Have time to practice! It's very light for me. I feel good overall. I'm very satisfied! The customer service little sister (little brother) is also very awesome, manually like

2, express delivery is very fast, and it will be delivered the next day. The definition is very good after trying. There are many members in the video resources. The game has not been played yet, and the computer you bought has not arrived yet. You can experience the steam game later. It is much better than what is expected with excellent surface appearance quality, high toughness, strong yellowing resistance and good flame retardancy. Hey, hey, experience a new and better life

3. The overall feeling is good. The movie viewing effect is great. I feel that there are still many functions I don't understand. I need to continue to explore. Customer service is very patient. The 835 processor is still powerful, and the operation is not stuck at all. The platform optimization is also constantly improving. The playability can easily calibrate the equipment through the test software. The work continues to increase. The newly added Pico multiplayer theater has become a highlight. It's very good. The storage portable bag has solved a big problem for me. It will be boring if I don't lack edges and corners when I go abroad in the future. 8 conclusion

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