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In recent years, with the expansion of mustard production scale, simple curing processing has seriously restricted the development of mustard production because of its small production scale, rough process and low added value. The soft packaging processing technology of pickled mustard not only has less investment and quick effect, but also the product price is appropriate. The controller crashes, the controller sampling has problems, and the transmission ① first touches on the creation of large drops of water. In the case of poor line contact, it has good market development prospects for suppliers of well-known automobile enterprises such as Liang Jixiang. Main equipment: wooden barrel, vacuum sealing machine, sterilization pot, cooking bag (pc/cpp)

operation process raw materials → drying → pickling → rinsing → cutting → mixing → bagging → sealing → sterilization → cold cutting → drying → packing of finished products

raw materials: harvest large leaf mustard plants with strong growth and moderate growth period on sunny days, cut off the vegetable heads, and remove diseased plants, diseased leaves, rotten leaves and old yellow leaves

dry the mustard in the sun to half wilt

for pickling, first sprinkle a layer of salt on the bottom of the barrel, arrange the mustard in layers in order, then sprinkle a layer of salt, step on it tightly, until a little water comes out. 1 for every 50kg of fresh mustard between layers Kg of salt, marinate the whole barrel and press it tightly with heavy objects

rinse the newly pickled mustard for at least 2 months before taking it out, wash it with clean water to remove the salt, and remove the bad vegetables at the same time

cut into segments tear the washed mustard into filaments, and then cut into segments of 0.5cm or shorter

mix mustard with a small amount of pepper, monosodium glutamate and salt

bag the material according to the specified weight, generally g/bag

seal with vacuum packaging machine, and the sealing condition is vacuum degree: 0 09mpa。

sterilization because bagged mustard will expand when heated, in order to prevent breaking the bag, reverse pressure sterilization should be used. The sterilization formula is: kill for 10 to 20 minutes at 121 ℃

dry the finished products by hot air drying or manual drying to avoid bag breakage and microbial reproduction

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