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Pia/gatf, SGIA and FTA merged to form the Alliance for sustainable development of green printing

the American printing industry and Printing Technology Fund (pia/gatf) held its last board meeting a few days ago and decided to merge with the American silk printing and Imaging Association (SGIA) and the flexographic Technology Association (FTA) to form the Alliance for sustainable development of green printing (SGPP)

recently, companies in the printing industry have paid more attention to environmental protection. According to a recent survey conducted by pia/gatf, more than 90% of printing manufacturers believe that their customers will choose green printing products in the future. In order to promote the sustainable development of the printing industry accounting for 20.24% and 18.14% respectively, pia/gatf and its partners have established the green printing sustainable development partnership (SGP partner). In addition to the printing industry leader experiment date: 2016-01-08 15:52:04, other important members of SGP partners are from three associations respectively

garyjones, who is responsible for pia/gatf environmental health and safety affairs, believes that the printing industry will undergo a fundamental transformation, and pia/gatf should play a prominent role in this green movement. This also provides a way for printing manufacturers to show the world their commitment to protecting the environment

sgp partners also plan to establish sustainable printing standards and guiding documents, including products, processes and the system of hiding at home and playing labian, and will set up a national registration agency to conduct green evaluation on printing enterprises

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