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Picture and text: 5000 taxis in Wuhan will be put into trial operation from today

April 1, 2012

the picture shows: the staff of the taxi call center is responsible for dispatching taxis

the picture shows: the taxi call center is connected with the taxi display

from today on, citizens call. As long as there is a free taxi within 1 km around, it can be called and driven to you without making an appointment 2 hours in advance. Yesterday, it was learned from Wuhan passenger management office that the first batch of 5000 taxis began the trial operation of "on call" service, and the number of taxis participating in on call service will expand to 8000 within the year

gps positioning driver rush to answer

a successful taxi call requires a service fee of 2 yuan

previously, Wuhan has implemented the "call" service for many years, but due to the insufficient number of taxis and passengers having to make an appointment 2 hours in advance, both sides have little enthusiasm for call. The biggest advantage of the electric dispatching terminal installed this time is that it can realize real-time call through GPS positioning

yesterday, when I came to the taxi dispatching center, a large LED screen showed the road map of Sanzhen. Taxis driving in the streets and alleys were displayed on the map with license plate numbers. The arrows under the license plate numbers showed the driving direction of taxis. The green arrows indicated that the car was empty, and the purple arrows indicated that there were passengers on the car

according to the person in charge of the dispatching center, the on-board information intelligent terminal display screen and service display screen are installed in front of the driver's seat and the co driver's seat of the taxi participating in the call

after the passenger dials, the dispatcher takes the passenger's boarding place as the center of the circle, and searches the empty vehicle within 1 km. If there is an empty car, the dispatcher will send a message to all empty cars, and the driver will "rush to answer" with the help of the on-board dispatching keyboard installed in the car. After the vehicle is determined, the dispatching center, passengers and drivers make a three-way call, and the dispatcher guides and supplements the passengers to book the vehicle, so as to realize the "door-to-door, point-to-point" service between the driver and passengers. The person in charge said that under normal circumstances, the whole call process is within 3 minutes

according to the verification of the price department, after the passenger's call is successful and arrives at the destination, in addition to paying the fare displayed by the meter and the fuel surcharge, another 2 yuan call service fee is required

transportation capacity is tight during peak hours

there may be delays in taxi hailing

from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., which is the most difficult time for Jiangcheng citizens to get to and from work and taxis. When Wuhan previously implemented the "call", there was an embarrassing scene of "it is difficult to book at peak hours and it is hot at night"

this time, 36% of taxis in Wuhan have joined the on call service. Can we solve the problem of difficult taxis in the morning and evening rush hours

the relevant person of the municipal passenger management office admitted that calling can enrich passengers' travel and reduce the empty driving rate of taxis to a certain extent. However, compared with the peak hours, due to the limited transport capacity of the taxi itself, high utilization rate, or road traffic congestion, passengers may also have a long waiting time after being called, or fail to press the Rockwell hardness tester indenter (diamond cone, steel ball or cemented carbide ball) into the taxi on the surface of the sample in two steps within the expected time period

at 4:30 p.m. yesterday, more than 40 dispatchers in the taxi dispatching center entered the working state in advance, and well-informed citizens have tried to call for a taxi. It was seen at the scene that a passenger called a taxi near Shucheng Road, Hongshan District, and the dispatcher failed to find an empty car after two searches. We can only ask the passenger to call again later

at 5:00 p.m. and 5:45 p.m., call at Yongqing street, Jiefang Avenue and Xudong 1st Road, Xudong Avenue, respectively. The dispatcher said that "there is no empty car to dispatch temporarily"

some taxi drivers said that during peak hours, in busy sections, such as Wuchang Zhongnan Road, jiejiekou, Hankou Wuguang business district, an empty car often came and several people robbed it, so they couldn't take into account the call at all

the municipal passenger management office said that when the vehicle cannot be dispatched, the dispatcher should explain the situation to the passengers in time and seek understanding

"pairing" success depends on credit

unreasonable "pigeoning" will affect the next call

after the passenger is called, he gets on the bus before waiting for the call taxi. He just sees an empty car passing by, and saves 2 yuan of call service fee. The called taxi makes an empty trip

on the way to answer the call, the taxi happened to encounter a long trip, and the driver took the long trip and left...

these two situations are common in Wuhan's previous call services, which is also one of the reasons why many taxi drivers did not join the call and took a wait-and-see attitude

the city passenger management office said that after passengers call, the system will automatically record the phone number. After the "pairing" is successful, the passenger cannot break the appointment without reason, otherwise it will be regarded as a breach of contract, and the relevant information will be recorded in the passenger integrity file, affecting the passenger's future booking credit. After verifying the default record twice, it will enter the passenger blacklist, which will affect the use of on call service again

for taxi drivers, if they confirm the call order in the "three party call" but breach the contract without reason, passengers can complain. If it is verified to be true, it will be treated as refusal of loading and will be fined for 15 days

during the year, the number of calls was expanded to 8000

more services are planned

passengers are not satisfied with the driver's service. Passengers can press the "satisfied" or "dissatisfied" button on the service display screen on site, which will be used as indicators to evaluate the driver's service quality

in case of disputes, the camera and recording equipment equipped with the on call system provides verification for handling driving disputes and complaints. A proportional means is added to PP, PE, PVC, elastomer, rubber and other products, and it is convenient for passengers to find items lost in the car

yesterday, in the taxi dispatching center, the dispatcher also showed the "additional" function of the on call system on the spot. For taxi enterprises, enterprises can also carry out real-time information management and master the operation status of taxis

according to the plan of the municipal passenger management office, the number of taxis participating in on call service will gradually be extended to 8000 by the end of the year, and on call vehicles will account for more than 55% of the total number of taxis in Wuhan. Once the scale is expanded, intelligent booking services such as "on-board booking" and "automatic car search" will be launched as needed, which has become a top priority to meet the needs of passengers to the greatest extent

five tips to teach you to call a car

what should citizens pay attention to when on call? Wuhan passenger management office summarized five points:

in order to facilitate contact at any time, it is best to call. If it is fixed, you may not be able to contact if there are abnormal conditions after leaving

when confirming the call service through "three party call", passengers need to provide the following information in detail: surname, location of call, whether to cross the river, and personal appearance characteristics, so that taxi drivers can accurately find it

passengers should try to choose a place convenient for taxis to get in and out and get on and off safely when agreeing on the meeting place

after the on call order is reached, it is best to keep it unblocked and wait patiently at the agreed place. If you need to cancel the order for some reason, you can call the call instruction

when you encounter another empty car while waiting for the car, you can stop the car, but you must call to cancel the order, otherwise you will be recorded as having bad credit. "In fact, it is not just the reform in the military field

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