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Wenzhou New Technology for prolonging the service life of molds was born

prolonging the service life of molds can effectively save resources and is a driving force for the development of an energy-saving economy. "Recently, a new technology that can prolong the service life of molds appeared in Wenzhou, and the patent inventor is Li Fuguo

according to the inventor of the patent, Li Fuguo, the technology patent adopts the cold treatment method, which can improve the accuracy of the mold, and can achieve satisfactory results without damaging the organizational structure of the surrounding materials at the repair position, and the corresponding materials can be used to adapt to different mold track products during the repair

it is understood that the mold repair adopts aviation bonding technology and new methods of local resistive heat source modification to repair the damaged parts of the mold and restore its original shape and performance, and the treated mold can continue to be used, Thus, the service life of the mold is prolonged. PolyOne's unique thermoplastic elastomer and colorant ensure that Filip 2's product materials can maintain bright colors and excellent quality even after being tested by children's outdoor sports and play. At present, this technology is being rapidly promoted in Wenzhou, and Wenzhou intellectual property service park is also vigorously promoting this technology. Shandong Huayu, as a successful example of cooperation between Chinalco and Huasheng Jiangquan group, if this technology can be promoted, it will undoubtedly be a blessing for mold using enterprises, and it will greatly save production costs for enterprises using this technology

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