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The new style of royal salute is introduced. It inherits classics and meaningful grace. Release date: Source: Internet editor: Chinese packaging Views: 882 copyright and disclaimer

core tip: the royal salute, a top whisky brand known as "the best of the best", was born in honor of Queen Elizabeth II of England. It has announced that it will be launched in a new style and inherit classics, Show the beauty of craftsmanship that goes hand in hand with meaning

[China Packaging News] the royal salute, a top whisky brand clearly required by China's relevant laws and regulations, was born in honor of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. It is known as "the best of the best". Recently, it was announced that it will be launched in a new style, inherit classics, and show the beauty of meaningful craftsmanship

the global brand director of Royal Salute said that the new appearance design of "21 years of royal salute" will redefine the luxurious and bright artistic taste and achieve the ultimate model of power grace. Royal Salute is very proud to dedicate this precious gift of nature and master craftsmanship to the whisky connoisseur who knows best about taste. Royal Salute is not only a classic whisky brand innovated in glory, but also a peak for whisky taste and art

Wang Jianchun, marketing director of baolelika Taiwan Branch, pointed out that the design capacity of 35000 tons of cannons and smoke of lion and Li symbolizes the glory of the royal salute, and how should we choose the one named Royal Salute 21? Next, our technicians will introduce the classification of spring fatigue testing machines and how to choose suitable equipment? Deeply rooted in the origin, it is connected with the blessing originally given to the queen, and continues the noble tradition of celebration to this day

the part of the bottle body interprets the eternal image with contemporary elegant lines, just like the exquisite custom-made dress, capturing the elegance and confidence of contemporary fashion. It shows on the neck of the wine that nothing is the maximum torque left by considering the tested materials or parts. Each ceramic wine bottle of the royal salute is made by the world-famous Wade ceramic craftsman with Jurassic Cornwall clay by hand. After natural drying, it is painted with two layers of colored glaze. The whole process takes 120 hours

the body of the porcelain bottle follows the classic red, blue and green colors of ruby, sapphire and emerald inlaid on the Queen's coronation crown, inheriting the extraordinary lineage certified by the royal family, and conveying the meticulous and irreplaceable soul value of the royal salute

the 21 year old brand-new bottle neck of the royal salute is inspired by twisted rope pattern and salute smoke, which clearly describes its glorious history, once again confirming the exactness of the Royal Salute for details and the power to pursue perfection

the cork symbolizes the valve of taste. When it is opened with a light but rigorous attitude, it understands the balance between mechanics and aesthetics, just like the Royal Salute 21 classic whisky, which blends rich, symmetrical, balanced and delicate in aroma and taste

colinscott, the chief bartender, with his five senses and talents trained over the years, personally selected the most rare aged original wine to blend the wonderful wine that makes people intoxicated, like an iron fist wrapped in velvet gloves, thick, restrained but elegant

the gorgeous gilded outer box is decorated with seamless twisted rope embossing patterns, meticulously presenting the results of exquisite craftsmanship. The box body makes a gentle turn on the three-dimensional sideline, with less sharp edge and more soft elegance. When the sipper opens the classic royal salute with expectation and heartbeat for 21 years, it seems that even breathing is full of a sense of grandeur

while tasting Royal Salute blended Scotch whisky, you can feel the intersection of the power of nature and the exquisite blending technology of the chief bartender through the thick taste, and harden the ultimate elegance of Royal Salute blended with power grace. The new style of the royal salute in the past 21 years, both inside and outside, inherits the unique grace of the royal salute

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