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The 13th International power equipment and technology exhibition and the 6th International Electrical Engineering and electrical equipment exhibition, as the annual wind vane of the power industry, kicked off in Beijing China International Exhibition Center from October 19 to 21. More than 60% of the overseas exhibitors of the current Beijing international power show show that the influence of Beijing international power show has increased

according to the organizer, the proportion of overseas exhibitors in this exhibition is as high as 65%, and the high degree of internationalization is one of the characteristics that this exhibition is different from other similar domestic exhibitions. The exhibition hall covers an area of 23000 square meters, and its scale is 30% larger than that of previous years, breaking previous records

the scale of the 2010 China International Power and electrician exhibition broke previous records, attracting a total of 500 Chinese and foreign industry giants from 20 countries and regions to gather and display a number of new products and technologies. Including: 3M, abb, Siemens, Korea Xiaoxing, Hyundai Heavy Industry, Schneider Electric, Japan AE PavA, Chint Group, NARI Group, Hitachi, Alstom, XJ, Tianzheng Group, etc

the 2010 international power automation equipment and technology exhibition was held for the first time at this Beijing International Power Exhibition at the same time, and a special hall for instrumentation, power automation/energy conservation and environmental protection was added. In addition to displaying products and technologies, the organizer also planned a number of technical seminars and forums, and held a forum on green power and smart electricity, as well as a symposium on transmission and distribution, power environmental protection and energy conservation technologies, Build an exchange platform to meet the diversified needs of the industry. Among them, green power and smart power forums have attracted much attention

abb exhibited a number of leading technologies, including uniswitch bay metal enclosed switchgear, the new relationship series measurement and protection devices, the new VD4 Vacuum Circuit Breaker and other leading industry-leading advanced technologies; Schneider Electric brings Youyi U low voltage distribution series products New ev12s sealed vacuum circuit breaker "and new uc100 communication solution and um100 SMS alarm system; Hitachi exhibited advanced thermal power, hydropower, nuclear power, renewable resources, energy conservation and environmental protection equipment; Nanjing Phoenix Contact Co., Ltd. introduced PLC relay (pit direct plug connection technology); Hyundai Heavy Industry (China) Electric Co., Ltd. exhibited high voltage switchgear (GIS) SF6 gas insulated metal armored cabinet, industrial switchgear, marine electrical, medium and low voltage circuit breaker contactor; Ls power showed susol series frame circuit breakers and high-voltage converters; Xiaoxing exhibited 765 kV EHV power transformers; Chint exhibited all kinds of high and low voltage electrical appliances, transmission and distribution equipment, instrumentation, building appliances, industrial automation equipment, and so on

the organizer said that in today's economic globalization, China has become an important part of the world's power industry. Last September, internationally advanced power technology has a broad market in China. At present, China's electromechanical exports will have great potential in the future. China's power industry is moving towards a higher goal of efficiency, environmental protection, safety and economy. In order to meet the needs of the times and vigorously introduce energy-saving and environmental protection technologies into the power industry, this exhibition focuses on green and low-carbon projects and technologies

at the exhibition, Areva, abb, Eurocode Garbo, AE PavA and other international well-known electrical enterprises have built no small booths. In order to attract visitors, exhibitors also made models of wind power generation equipment and took them to the exhibition for visitors to visit and control, according to Evonik. Some exhibitors even moved real instruments to the venue, attracting many visitors to stop, making some boring electrical exhibitions lively

unlike previous exhibitions, the elements of smart electricity are increasing in this exhibition. Many of the brochures and exhibits on the booth are related to smart electricity. From power generation to power consumption, from high voltage to low voltage, whether it is wind power equipment or transmission and distribution equipment, intelligent power is everywhere

from 2009 to 2010, we have seen the advance speed of smart electricity. At the 2009 Exhibition, smart electricity was just a concept and a gimmick for enterprises to promote their products. In the 2010 exhibition, enterprises really implanted the concept into their products

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