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Recently, it was announced that Jiangsu Qionghua High Tech Co., Ltd. decided to invest about 24.7363 million yuan in the new ultra permeable PVC soft cloth technology transformation project, of which the total investment in fixed assets is about 20.8225 million yuan and the initial working capital is about 39. The design scheme of a set of rocker hammer impact testing machine is 13800 yuan. The required funds are to apply for a fixed asset investment loan of 10million yuan and a working capital loan of 5million yuan, The rest is invested by the enterprise's own funds

Jiangsu Qionghua is mainly engaged in the research, production and sales of PVC sheets, plates, PE films, composite packaging materials and other new packaging materials. At present, the company's total production and sales of PVC sheets and plates have reached 20000 tons through exchange servo Electromechanical, with a domestic market share of about 12.5%, ranking among the top in the industry, and will strive to enter the top 5 production capacity of PVC sheet and plate production enterprises in the world

since 2004, Jiangsu Qionghua has learned from the national debt incident, changed the pressure into a driving force, carried out the use of raised funds, and rebuilt the enterprise's static bending intensity image with its business performance. Last year, Jiangsu Qionghua deepened technological transformation, improved the speed of new product research and development, and established the strategic goal of developing steadily and rapidly to the direction of high technology and high added value, focusing on PVC sheets, plates, PVDC and K series, so as to continuously meet the personalized needs of customers and the needs of foreign markets. A number of new products have been successfully developed, such as CPP/PS/PE composite hard films, laser laser PVC sheets, heat sealed pet aluminized films, special packaging materials for milk tablets, PVC coated lenses, etc. fund-raising projects such as smart cards, technology centers, PPCs, etc. are being actively planned

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