The hottest new surge protector products of Turck

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Turck new surge protector products

with the launch of IMSP series products, Turck interface product family has improved six voltage surge protector devices

with B. test object data: provide users with all test object data to set. With the development of new PMC (process measurement and control) interface module flat surface reference block voltage surge protector, Turk clarified its position as a supplier of complete interface products. Six new modules of IMSP series - IMSP interface module surge protector - interface modules installed in advance, and provide reliable guarantee to prevent overpressure in this year's special activities, which focus on children's books and teaching aids. Protection, etc. fill in or select the corresponding parameter grade of IP20 according to the requirements. This product can be used not only in explosion-proof hazardous areas, but also in non explosion-proof safe areas. Although the module is only 6.2mm in size, it can fully realize the wiring form of 2-wire, 3-wire and 4-wire. The product can be directly installed on the standard 35mm guide rail or use the integrated installation form

for 2-wire analog signals, one module (imsp-1x) or two modules (imsp-2x) can be used to separate signals. Binary switching value signals or inductance and capacitance sensor signals can use imsp- or IMSP module. Using imsp- or IMSP module can link temperature signals and have the function of voltage surge protection

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