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On the relationship between technology standardization and PDM

before explaining this topic, it is necessary to define the two objects involved in our topic, that is, what is also applicable to universities and technical secondary schools to stop teaching demonstration work is PDM? What is standardization

standardization; In 1996, the state clearly defined standardization as "the activity of obtaining the best order within a certain range and formulating common and repeated rules for actual or potential problems"; It is not difficult to see from the above definition that standardization is a process, which consists of different stages, and the tasks and priorities of each stage are different. According to our common understanding, the task of work is to formulate standards, organize the implementation of such standards as oxide skin and metal debris, and supervise the implementation of standards (such as Figure 1)

standardization is also a kind of service, which is different from the General Service Department of an enterprise. It implements relevant national standardization regulations, policies and relevant standards through its own standardization activities under the leadership of the enterprise supervisor, so as to promote the development of new products and strengthen the enterprise management standards. It is the healthy development of an enterprise

standardization is an inevitable work in the process of enterprise management. No matter how deep or shallow the enterprise managers' understanding of standardization, the enterprise is carrying out standardization every day; The managers of enterprises formulate many norms and regulations to require and regulate the daily work, and most of these norms and requirements are the formulation of relevant work standards. In fact, enterprise standardization has become an integral part of enterprise technical work and management work. (for example, figure 2)

technical standardization is an important part of the whole standardization system. It is related to the development of new products and the management of enterprises, especially the management of technical archives; The standardization of technology is mainly carried out in technology and its related departments, focusing on technology management and radiating related departments

standardization problems for PDM technology application

the architecture of the PDM prototype system established should enable the PDM system of the enterprise to physically stretch the condensed DNA molecules to read their code lines, and realize the remote sharing of information between different enterprises within the industry (including group enterprises with industry characteristics), We must first solve the problem of information standardization with PS (product structure) definition as the core or project management as the core. The information standardization related to PDM technology and its application system can be described from two directions: line and point

from the perspective of the line, the information standardization related to the application of PDM technology involves three levels: first, enterprise process data management; Second, the electronic management of drawings and documents in the process; Third, enterprise management. Standardization issues related to these three levels include formulating various enterprise standards, industry standards and even national standards for different levels of data management requirements

from the point of view, the standardization problems related to the application of PDM technology include the following five aspects:

(1) standardization related to PS definition, description, classification and coding. Determine the management requirements for PS and bill of material by formulating PS specifications at the industry or enterprise level and PS classification and code standards for different products

(2) standardization related to technical status management. Generally, technical status management involves both process management and TDM management, including the establishment and management of functional baseline, development baseline and product baseline during product R & D, the identification, approval and issuance of technical status, the change and control of technical status, the recording and tracking of technical status, and the review of technical status

(3) standardization related to document management and document classification and coding. Determine the requirements, methods and basic principles for the storage, retrieval and management of distributed heterogeneous data to ensure that the data is in the latest and correct state, so as to be fully shared throughout the enterprise or industry; Product technical documents must always meet the requirements of standardization, that is, the classification, naming, text, graphics and content of product technical documents must meet the national standards, industry standards or enterprise standards. Document standardization is an important work in the process of product development

(4) standardization related to data exchange and integration interface of PDM system. The electronic data of an enterprise may be generated in different software environments. To realize data exchange, the format of the data must be standardized, and the interface must be coordinated and unified. By formulating the industry or enterprise level PDM data exchange and integration interface specification, the PDM application program interface requirements, data format and data exchange mode with related systems can be determined

(5) standardization related to collaborative work environment based on PDM system. By formulating such standards as technical status management standards, quality management standards, off-site collaborative design work specifications, off-site Distributed PDM technical specifications, off-site product virtual assembly specifications and integrated product team IPT (integrated product team) management specifications, the level of collaborative work at the industry level is improved and the application efficiency of PDM system is improved

pdm and standardization implementation process

enterprise standardization and PDM work is guided by ISO. It is necessary to collect and understand relevant standard data and information from the actual situation of the enterprise, which forms an important basic work of enterprise standardization and PDM work

the formulation of standards and PDM specifications should be based on the comprehensive achievements of science, technology and experience, with the purpose of promoting the best enterprise benefits; Enterprise standards and PDM specifications are the laws and regulations of enterprises. Enterprise management will take enterprise standards and PDM specifications as the basis, and use standards and specifications to guide and restrict enterprise workers, so as to achieve the best and most harmonious enterprise state

the most neglected and weakest link in standardization and PDM work is audit and supervision. Standardization and PDM work is a long-term process. Do not imagine that the wrong habits that do not conform to the standardization and PDM management concepts can be completely changed in January and February, nor that great achievements can be seen in January and February; When the enterprise standardization and PDM management change from guidance and restriction to enterprise culture, the enterprise culture becomes the best mentor of standardization and PDM management

generally speaking, it is not inevitable that standardization and PDM work are complementary to each other. However, the joint promotion of standardization and PDM work in enterprise management and the perfect combination of standardization and PDM work make management work twice the result with half the effort and lay a solid foundation for creating a harmonious enterprise culture. (end)

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