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The desire for knowledge reveals the longing for the outside of the mountain in your big eyes. Every subtle look and little action shows your desire for knowledge, brings you a love, and makes you ripple in the world of knowledge

Weiyi customized wardrobe brings you more love and makes you feel the warm feelings from the world. This is your beautiful dream. Weiyi brings you the books you yearn for in your heart and satisfies your thirst for knowledge

on the morning of October 23, the fifth stop of Xinyi action came to Huangshan Yixian Hongxing Central Primary School. Yixian Hongxing Central Primary School is located in the embrace of mountains, with 6 classes with more than 100 students and only 12 teachers. The children here sent six happy Book bars, as well as 1500 love books and school supplies

since July 2014, the public welfare plan of "action of heart and love of reading" has been officially launched, aiming to donate "book bar of heart" to schools and children in mountainous areas who need to improve reading conditions, so as to appeal to all sectors of society to donate books to children who love reading and realize their reading dreams. This trip to Hongxing Central Primary School is the fifth donation of this year. Xinyi book bar, which can accommodate at least 300 books, can be described as the platform version of "Transformers", with high functionality and practicality

"a book is just a small effort; a book is a heart. Every child is the only one, and we make a commitment with our hearts." The vision of intentional action covers the wonderful vision of Weiyi customization for children. In this love donation, Weiyi custom collected love books in the downtown area of our city, and has completed the warm transfer of books from the city to the countryside. Let the children in the mountains love reading, and let the children in the city love more

as soon as the messenger arrived at school, the children greeted him. At the event site, principal li of Hongxing Central Primary School also appointed librarians of six love book bars on site, and the children managed the books by themselves to exercise their autonomy. After the ceremony, the volunteers and children released the paper plane in their hands

the smiling faces of children are particularly touching with the warm sun in October. In this love donation activity, volunteers also played interactive games with children. Interesting radish squatting, small chorus and dance made this classroom full of happy melody

bring joy to everyone around you. As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world. Weiyi wardrobe will talk about love with practical actions to create a beautiful world





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