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For some small room types or tenants, the wardrobe is a very good choice. It is not only small in size and easy to move, but also does not occupy too much space in the bedroom. It is also very practical, so it is deeply sought after by the majority of people who go out to find dreams. Of course, its price is also very affordable. What are the purchasing skills, advantages and disadvantages of the wardrobe? Now let's go and have a look with Xiaobian, hoping to provide some help for your purchase, so that you can choose a satisfactory and affordable cloth cabinet

what are the buying skills of cloth cabinets

1. Brand is very important

a product can become a more famous brand only if it really enjoys the love of the majority of people who use it well and accumulates a good reputation. From the current ranking, the top five are imony, Addis, guandaxing, Rainier, European style, etc., so you may wish to consider these brands when choosing

2. Is the design reasonable

although the structure of this kind of goods is relatively simple, there are at least two-layer or three-layer structures in the cabinet, and the general layout is left-right or up-down. The design space of one layer is small, which is mainly used to place foldable clothes, while the space of the other layer is generally large, with steel pipe clothes poles, which can be used to hang some non foldable clothes

3. Look at the tightness of the wardrobe

I believe everyone expects to wear clean clothes. However, if the tightness of the cabinet is poor, it is very easy to get in dust. Even in spring, it is easy to get wet, and all kinds of peculiar smells of shoes outside will also drift in. At present, the cloth wardrobe on the market generally adopts a sealed zipper design, and there will be a partition cloth under it to prevent dust from entering, so as to ensure that the clothes are clean and hygienic

4. Stability can't be ignored

the stability of the cabinet mainly depends on the thickness and weight of the steel. Generally speaking, the heavier the steel, the heavier its heaviness and durability will be higher. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the material of the steel pipe interface. From the current situation, the steel pipe interface uses high-quality ABS material, which has better stress resistance and stronger durability compared with the inferior ordinary plastic interface

analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of cloth cabinet

1. Advantages

there are many styles of these products, which are very suitable for some people who pursue personalized life. In addition, the utilization rate of the room is also high, and the price is affordable, usually between 100~1000 yuan, with good moisture resistance. Because there is a space between the cloth cabinet and the ground, it can effectively prevent moisture

2. Disadvantages

compared with customized cabinets, these products can not meet the requirements of all kinds of users. In addition, they can not have the advantages of more drawers and customized. From the perspective of decoration, they can not achieve the effect of perfect utilization like customized wardrobe, can not be customized according to the use characteristics of consumers, and the degree of product personalization and humanization is not high

summary: the above is the introduction of the knowledge about the purchasing skills of cloth cabinets. I believe that readers have a further understanding of the purchasing skills of cloth cabinets. Of course, if you have better suggestions and ideas, you are welcome to consult the editor at any time




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