You can also easily get in the wardrobe of the sta

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You can also easily get the wardrobe of a star's house. You are still foolishly buying traditional wardrobe

you can also easily get the wardrobe of the star's home

if you are still foolishly buying traditional wardrobe, then you are really out. The transparent cabinet is simple and generous, and it is convenient to quickly find the clothes you need. In "my daughter", the famous host Wu Xin used transparent wardrobe doors in the cloakroom of the program, which also expressed the wonderful use of transparent wardrobe. Today, TINO will introduce the magic of transparent wardrobe to you systematically as soon as the whole house is customized

the glass wardrobe opens up the closed space, so that all clothes are clearly presented in front of you, reducing the inconvenience of blindly searching, and making the storage of clothes from disorderly to orderly, transparent and bright. Large space and small space are very suitable

in order to be more concise, refreshing and transparent, glass closets often choose black door frames

glass, transparent in texture, refracts light, and gives people a dreamy and exquisite feeling. Frosted glass can create hazy beauty, so that the wardrobe space is not completely exposed

colored glass partition is the most perfect choice if you want to make the storage space independent, permeable and coordinated

the painted glass is light milky white, which makes people feel very soft and beautiful. At the same time, it can perfectly hide the interior of the wardrobe and retain more privacy of the owner

colored glass wardrobe can not only increase the privacy of the wardrobe, so that the mess of the wardrobe will not be exposed. And the colors are more diversified, which can make the matching of wardrobe and space more harmonious

after reading Xiaodi's introduction, do you want to make a wardrobe of transparent glass or colored glass! Each has his own advantages. Just choose what you like! "Create and enjoy home, smart life", TINO brand home, to create a delicate and perfect transparent wardrobe for you




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