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The special lecture on low carbon economy and sustainable development of textiles was held at Sichuan University

recently, the lecture on "low carbon economy and sustainable development of textiles" was held at Sichuan University, which was sponsored by the Sichuan Institute of thermal insulation materials for textile engineering buildings, which is mainly divided into organic thermal insulation materials and inorganic thermal insulation materials, and co organized by the light and Textile College of Sichuan University and the Sichuan Academy of Textile Sciences. More than 70 management and engineering technicians from textile, printing and dyeing, hemp spinning and chemical fiber enterprises in Sichuan Province, as well as scientific researchers from Textile Universities and scientific research institutes attended the meeting to listen to the report. The meeting was presided over by LAN Jianwu, vice president of Sichuan Textile Engineering Society and vice president of light and Textile College of Sichuan University

the keynote speaker of the report is Professor Zeng Qingfu, vice president and doctoral supervisor of Wuhan Textile University. The report mainly includes four aspects: first, the basic concept of low-carbon economy. It focuses on the concept of low-carbon economy and the current pollution situation in China. 2、 Textile industry pollution and energy saving and emission reduction technology. It mainly introduces the low-carbon test faced by China's textile industry, the current situation of energy conservation and emission reduction in China's textile industry, and the new cleaner production process. The total difficulty of Sanhui is large, and the textile printing and dyeing wastewater is treated and reused by quality. "Microwave electrodeless ultraviolet treatment and reuse technology of textile printing and dyeing wastewater by catalytic oxidation and quality separation before section 101" is a major national 863 technology project, which won the second prize of national technological invention in 2009. 4、 Clean production technology of ramie. This paper introduces the development status of ramie industry in China, the significance of developing ramie industry for energy conservation and emission reduction, the fiber characteristics of ramie and the production of bio hydraulic universal experimental machine, and focuses on Ramie cleaner production and eco industrial park technology. This achievement has received the key support of the national science and technology support plan project in 2009

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