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How long will it take for the "two integration" of garbage classification and recycling

garbage classification has always been a hot topic we pay attention to. How to divide it? There is a doggerel that is fun and practical. Blue buckets that can sell money, perishable green buckets, toxic and harmful red buckets, and gray buckets that no one wants

according to the information from China Renewable Resources Recycling Association, the three northeastern provinces will fully launch garbage classification and renewable resources utilization in September this year. Where will the garbage go after classification? How does the whole city "digest" these classified garbage? What are the key links of waste classification and recycling

as we all know, the common waste disposal methods are being phased out; Garbage incineration, but if the dry and wet garbage are not separated and the combustion is not sufficient, it is easy to produce more toxic and harmful substances. Therefore, whether landfilling or incineration, it is necessary to carry out front-end classification of garbage

in Shenyang, garbage classification can be completed in only three steps:

Step 1: residents and owners classify at home

step 2: open the smart trash can with the "green point card" and transfer the points to the owner's account

step 3: redeem points for rewards

in the survey, residents reported the most and were most dissatisfied with the fact that the garbage was divided in the community, but finally the garbage trucks were all mixed up for mixed loading and transportation. In this regard, the practice of Shenyang is to open up special "environmental protection houses" and implement transit supervision

Li Da, Secretary General of Shenyang renewable resources utilization association, said that citizens can clearly see that the original garbage is temporarily stored here, and the environmental protection house has built its middle-end temporary storage function. Then, the closed-loop garbage collection and transportation system will be realized when it comes to (and then goes through) the end disposal of garbage. In order to prevent mixed loading and transportation of garbage, Harbin creatively launched the "heavenly eye" project to monitor the classified transportation vehicles that undertake the city's domestic garbage in real time

what does garbage become after classification? What new scientific and technological means are there to facilitate the rediscovery and reuse of resources

Harbin and Shenyang, two important industrial towns, will eventually be classified and transported to the resource recycling base after a large number of scrapped cars and agricultural machinery are safely disassembled. Here, they are intensively cut, compressed, fused and cast, and transformed into usable wires, steel balls and ingots if the microcomputer has strong functions. Similarly, common faults: a surprising number of waste plastics that are not easy to handle when doing tensile experiments, because the application of new technologies has achieved qualitative transformation. In the resource reuse base of Shenyang Songshi group, we can see that waste plastics enter the foam granulator and are cut into recycled particles; The same end treatment method is also applied to the treatment of waste wood. After the large wooden furniture is disassembled, it is finally made into an environmental friendly and pollution-free wooden combustible rod

is it still a long time since the "two integration" of garbage classification and recycling

how to reduce, recycle and make urban garbage harmless? At present, China is vigorously promoting the integration of resource regeneration and waste classification to improve recycling efficiency. Statistics show that the national urban domestic waste exceeds 150 million tons every year, and the cumulative stock of urban domestic waste has reached 7 billion tons. Two fusion is an effective mode to break the garbage siege. Jinan Shijin hydraulic universal experimental machine generally carries out tensile experiments, contraction experiments and zigzag experiments on metallic or non-metallic materials, but so far, the two fusion has not taken substantive steps

the reason is that the rigidity of the management system profoundly restricts the integration of the two. Different government departments are responsible for resource regeneration and waste classification. "Two integration" requires the overall planning and design of the original two systems from the three links of source delivery, collection and transportation system and disposal end. However, it is a pity that there is no good waste treatment model that can be promoted, and there is also a lack of representative leading enterprises for recycling

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