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How long is the flax market from "outside" to "inside"

on July 10, 2012, the China hemp textile industry association held the "flax industry development domestic demand market plan meeting" at the Royal Jinxu Garden Hotel in Zhujiajiao, Shanghai. Xu Jixiang, President of the China hemp textile industry association, was also worrying about how to develop the domestic market of flax textiles for all experimental machine manufacturers. Dongchunxing, vice president and secretary general, and more than 30 entrepreneurs from the executive director unit of China's flax industry attended the meeting, The Secretary General of the European hemp Association, Ms. bairzen, also made a special trip to Shanghai to attend the meeting

the industry association actively plans for promoting domestic sales

in his speech "carrying forward flax fashion culture and expanding flax domestic demand market", Xu Jixiang emphasized the necessity of holding this meeting. He believed that this meeting is the need of emancipating the mind and reforming and innovating, the need to recognize the situation and clear thinking, the need to enhance confidence and get rid of difficulties, and the need to promote real work and strengthen flax domestic demand market

Ms. baerzen, Secretary General of the European flax Association, introduced the investigation and research carried out by the European flax Association (CELC) to jointly explore the domestic flax market in China with the Chinese flax Association. She provided the conference delegates with the report "China's high-quality flax: situation analysis and promotion carrier of the local market" prepared by the French Institute of fashion and the "strategic proposal for promoting flax in the world and China" adopted by the European flax Association. Ms. baerzen pointed out that the current world textile industry is experiencing a serious economic crisis, which has a serious impact on the flax industry in the world's sixth characteristic sector. It is of great significance to cooperate to develop China's Flax market. It is necessary to implement four measures in the work of cooperative development of Chinese flax market and promotion of its sales reaching 12.1 billion euros in 2015: establishing a special organization for flax; Determine the unified identification of flax products; Set up special funds for flax promotion; Establish flax network platform. The European hemp association suggested that the promotion activity be named "flax road"

dongchunxing, vice president of China flax textile industry association, explained the plan of developing flax domestic demand market proposed by China flax textile industry association at the meeting, analyzed and pointed out the current problems in China's Flax domestic demand market and various ways of developing the market. Leaders of hemp international, Wuxi United Textile, Sulong group, Zhejiang Guocheng hemp textile, Jiangsu Guanma technology and other units who have gained some experience in flax terminal products also talked about their experiences and suggestions at the meeting. Everyone believed that many people responded that to explore the domestic demand market, they should understand the market demand and develop products targeted; Efforts should be made to publicize the outstanding quality of flax textiles and improve consumer awareness; People in the linen industry should be encouraged to take the lead in wearing linen clothes and so on. The speech also expressed confidence in developing the domestic market of flax

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