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How many types of ASUS fortress? Asus/ASUS flight fortress fx63vd7700 and fx63vd7300 which is good

ASUS flight fortress hot two recommendations: asus/ASUS flight fortress fx63vd7700 and fx63vd7300, which of these two Asus notebooks is good and how about their performance? Let's see the comments and introduction of our friends

I. asus/ASUS Flying Fortress fx63vd7700 Game Book i7 eat chicken thin student notebook computer

7 generation i7 chip 3 is a precise force to supplement the device short board gtx1050 game graphics card

comments from friends:

it took a few days to comment, which is generally good, no card for lol, customer service is also very careful and patient. The machine and customer service are very good overall. Customer service will remind you that you'd better not update the system in the near future. It seems that Microsoft has been attacked, and the update will lead to machine problems. If you don't update, you can't use the app store on your computer. I can only use other things to download, but it's okay. The next 360 or Tencent housekeeper Expand to view more comments introduction

II. Asus/ASUS fortress flight fx63vd7300 game light portable student eat chicken laptop

gtx1050 Game Book IPS screen

user comments:

the computer is good, with a score of 160000. Customer service is very good. The first time I bought such an expensive thing, the reputation of previous generations of fortress flight is not good, resulting in the impact of the fourth generation. In fact, the fourth generation fortress flight is very good, The screen is changed to IPS high-definition screen. It looks ok. You can eat chicken after playing a few games, and you can also play with it when you open it. That is, the fan sound is a little loud. The fan business of the game book is similar. This store still uses plastic forming with the worst shrinkage characteristics. The dimensional tolerances of plastic parts are 140, 150 and 160 groups that can be trusted. It will take a few months to comment on

<8 after checking the latest coupons of tmall The comparison table of ambient temperature force values of different models can be set (as shown in the following table)

through the tension deviation test of spring compensator and 100000 fatigue tests (equivalent to 20 years of operation), the tension deviation of spring compensator in the life cycle is 5%, that is, 95% of the compensation effect

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