How long can you follow the endurance of garberry,

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Dealer, how long can you follow the endurance of garberry

how long can you follow the endurance of garberry

September 11, 2009

[China paint information] the growth and development of garberry after 2001 has created a kingdom like miracle and myth in the paint industry. With 9 consecutive years of high net growth and adhering to the path of national independent brands, garberry has become unique in the fierce competition in the paint industry. In the past seven years, the development and expansion of the company has also created hundreds of general agents across the country. In the paint industry, the company has indeed cultivated a group of rich people and bosses. The vast number of general agents who started with garberry and became rich followed the wind and rain, and their success or failure was not based on personal gains and losses. With the endurance rarely seen by other brand agents. It can't be said that this is the success of garberry, but in this successful situation, I want to ask, "agent brother, how long can your endurance go with garberry?"

a brand situation - the embarrassing position of the dilemma:

garberry, the nation's first brand. Is your appeal the killer mace to fight the market? Facing the mainstream group of market consumption, who will willingly pay for it because of the national plot to become the first international high-end aluminum alloy new material enterprise group with the advantages of the whole industrial chain of coal, electricity, aluminum and aluminum deep processing in China. Besides, when you say that the nation is the first, the world's first has also come, and the longest history has also come. The Nippon who first teaches Chinese people to use latex paint will say, "when I came to advertise, you were born a little longer?"

look at the local small brands below, and they won't show respect for you because you are the eldest brother of the family and give up the market share. With their "low cost, high commission" rogue fist technique, you can make you "drink a pot" of Carpoly, who claims to be your eldest brother. So there is "the paint industry is really helpless. The superior is not outstanding, and the inferior is not eliminated. The high commission is a sign. When will high-altitude advertising come?" Is the garberry dealer helpless

in our market, we often hear about oil Carpenter's sentence: "how do you recommend Carpoly? Compare brands: China Resources, Nippon, Laiwei, Dulux, your reputation is not enough, the price is not low. Your price is higher than other brands, and the Commission is less.". "A word points out our weakness. When can dealers stop working hard? The pain of farming is buried in the belly, when is the first time?

to survive, Carpoly will expand its market share. The most effective way to expand its market share is effective advertising investment. What does Carpoly's advertising policy let dealers see? What is the situation of Carpoly's advertising investment in my eyes, dignitaries and officials in the kingdom of Carpoly ?

understand as soon as possible the certification rules that need to be mastered and passed to become familiar with entering a specific utilization market. 2. Advertising investment - I want to say the pain of rest:

in the paint industry, "China Resources" and "Nippon" have succeeded. There is no doubt that their success is in their advertising investment. In particular, the former "China Resources", how much earlier was his birth than garberry? How many opportunities are there to contact consumers? Why can't Carrie beat him in the national situation? You may cite a few vivid examples: so and so market is not like this. There are problems in the main business methods, success lies in details, and so on. I want to talk about the sales situation across the country. It's not that we can't face "self-criticism". Should 90% of dealers in the country do "self-criticism" for market share? On the contrary, should the advertising policy of garberry company also be "self-criticism"

take my prefecture level market for example, "China Resources" has advertised 20 bus bodies, with a cost of nearly 200000 a year. If he sold three million yuan locally last year (overestimated because the local consumption capacity is limited), according to the advertising standard of garberry company, the dealer himself has to pay more than 150000 yuan. Do you think it is possible? Give all his profits to "China Resources to raise children". Don't think about it. Other companies have undertaken greater investment, coupled with the cooperation of CCTV advertising, don't you feel like playing? Is there any example of "founding a nation"

looking back at the advertising volume of garberry, every dealer knows that "a small fight, sesame and mung beans" are the same. I'm not trying to elevate anyone and despise garberry's ideas about advertising

the problem is that in the business process of more than ten years, except for the price, the input-output ratio of advertising awareness has not been improved. If garberry wants to complete the "cultivation" of the brand, does it still need to stay at the level of consumer cognition, waiting for the kind of "accumulation and thin hair" that has been dry for a long time. My God! Dealer brother, the dealer's endurance is really strong! Has the company fully considered how long your endurance can last? Who calls us the excellent and loyal elite of garberry

Carpoly does not have any selling points, scientific and technological content, or a platform to show itself. If you want to be a star, you have to learn to package and hype. I don't know what the market planning department of garberry is thinking? Or is the company still saving money? Anyway, the dealer can still wait at present, can't he

the above words may sound harsh, which is complaining. Someone has to complain. The key is to send it to whom? We can only send it to our immediate supervisor, the provincial office. The leaders of the office will say, "it's not like this. There are problems. Is it really difficult to be angry? This is all the company's decision. Don't give up,,,"

when it comes to the company's decision again, how can I comment on it

decision of three companies - taste of tears:

(I) branch agents of one label and multiple brands: garberry, Wanyi, what furniture paint,,,,,

isn't garberry the first brand of the Chinese nation? How can we feel the same with Nippon from the East and DuPont from the west? Foreign enterprises come here to collect money and engage in a brand-new agency for the separation of several products. At the beginning of the establishment of small enterprises, in order to absorb funds, they also engaged in this set. Unexpectedly, garberry also learned to apply it, and became a means to intimidate old dealers. If the amount of pressed goods cannot meet the company's requirements, your sales are not good, or you have no money to take over, I will order you to find someone else! Poor, poor! The old dealers of Carpoly have been fighting for Carpoly for several years, and they have to be sucked away by Carpoly to earn two "oppressive money". What a test of endurance

the agents of garberry, in recent years, the company said to build a team, and the agents immediately hired Ma to build a team; The company said to engage in spraying, and the agent immediately started to engage in professional spraying. A lot of human and material resources have been invested, and after deducting personnel costs, advertising commitments and market operations, there is little income in the bag. How can we bear the heavy burden of the high pressure of the amount of new products and new series imported by the manufacturer in various ways? It really makes me wonder why a big enterprise that pays attention to society and boasts itself with humanistic ideas doesn't pay attention to its most cutting-edge soldier, the agent

the current practice of garberry company makes fools feel that the dealer seems to be "working hard with garberry for more than ten years, just having two dollars in his pocket, the company's policy is to open more stores, and return to the pre entrepreneurship overnight." The current situation is that if the new line is not taken over, it will play the role of cooling equipment. If it falls into the hands of people, it will undoubtedly eat the original channels and shares. Next, we have to invest in new stores, personnel, inventory,,,,, anyway, garberry company doesn't care. "Little brother" is to enter the Tao, and "big brother" whether it is not covered, the fund is to be covered. I see what else you can do. It's like a couple sleeping - I can't cry and laugh when I'm alone

the Chinese nation has a humanistic concept of unity and continuous self-improvement. But I don't know whether the first brand of the Chinese nation in the paint industry has this concept. Has the brand of "garberry" been promoted to the point where it is highly regarded by Chinese people? In the competition with "foreign brands", are we comparing the quantity? I thought foolishly, maybe not

(II) "the third bucket of gold in the paint industry" for whom? The future of water-based paint home decoration retail is not flowers and carpets

in recent years, garberry company is most proud of water-based wood paint. After all, it is the largest production base of water-based paint in Asia. At the dealer conference in 2008, a picture cake was given. It was not only increased efforts, but also strengthened support, but also technical training,,,, just as the dealer brothers were eager to try and have ambitions, garberry company made another plan to hit you with a penetrating chill - due to the improved formula and high price of water-based paint, my mother, I have a headache for the brothers

pick houses and catch Tunes - can you play

the water-based paint is improved, which we can't deny. Is the cost input that large? It's really suspicious. What materials are added in it? It's just that the manufacturer wants to keep its own interests safe. It's your dealer's business to sell or not. It's impossible to complete the volume. I'll save the rebate at the end of the year. It takes one and a half to complete the establishment as a model, and it's not much money to give him a reward

the price is rising, and the manufacturer's profits are rich, but why don't you consider the market acceptance? Originally, the rebate problem in this industry is going to be well known. It's strange that your own publicity can't keep up, and the advertising cooperation can't keep up. Consumers don't think your long price is a rebate! Even if the dealer and his employees can tell the cost, consumers have to pay for it

when it comes to price, as a salesperson, I have a headache

four product prices - let opponents attack the weakness

the price system of garberry. The difficulty of closing a deal is really tormenting. Take my market for example, it is "Chinese famous brand", "well-known trademark" and "national inspection exemption". For the series of the same quality, the selling price of others is lower than that of Jiabaoli, but the rebate is higher than that of Jiabaoli. If you don't discount, the consumer won't pay. If you discount, the oilers, carpenters and contractors will be kicked out by you

besides, is your popularity higher than "Nippon", "China Resources", "Dabao", "Laiwei" and "Dulux"? When the consumer turns to two stores, he loses his patience to bargain with you when he hears the price. A domestic brand rarely seen in high-end media advertising, the price is so high, do you give rebates? I'm a consumer and I doubt it

sometimes people really doubt whether the CEO of garberry is more suitable for finance. Always calculate the safety of their own profits, regardless of the acceptance of the market, save advertising investment, regardless of the market share

"Carpoly, when is your planning concept eighteen?". The agent of garberry also needs "How long is it to lie high in Nangang, Fang jianzhe long?


I am an ordinary salesman, working in the agency of garberry. Say good or bad, let all the staff of garberry joke and criticize. A person who can't accept criticism will not be perfect. An enterprise that can't accept negative opinions is not enough to dominate the industry. Garberry's agents are solid, and 90% of the dealers are inseparable from garberry Abandon, but garberry cannot let the dealers bear 90% of the growth of the brand