Those personalized and innovative packages in the

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Those personalized and innovative packages in FMCG products! It's really unforgettable

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core tip: the role of packaging will not be underestimated in any industry, especially the FMCG industry. Bright and creative packaging can make people take the initiative to pay out of their pockets regardless of demand. Let's take a brief inventory of those excellent packaging cases

the personalized packaging design, coupled with the trendy red tide language, attracts the attention of many young people after 90/00 and enhances their desire to buy

Snickers Snickers Snickers China has launched a new package of sports hungry goods. At present, there are a total of 7 new packages, including soft foot crab, butter hand, pit teammate, etc. sports hungry goods assembly and variable packaging slogans allow consumers to experience more fun. This packaging case is mainly innovative in copywriting

Simple Life nut

Jiayue nut innovatively put forward the creative concept of "simple life" according to the attributes of the product and the characteristics of the market audience. And then cooperate with the relevant copywriting design to achieve this successful case

Weiquan daily C

Weiquan has constantly launched new strategies in marketing and publicity, launched creative spelling bottle collocation, and created the same line bottle of popular TV series. It has attracted the attention of countless people, and also improved its reputation for improving product performance

Mentholatum cylindrical lipstick

the internal structure design of a large-diameter circular lipstick cylinder is used. It breaks through the modeling design of traditional lipstick

Dabao herbal tea sleep facial mask

Dabao herbal tea outer packaging box adopts internal and external printing and lining color printing technology, and complements each other with product formula and overall graphic design. At the same time, for the first time, China's general Braille, which helps blind people recognize, was made on Dabao's brand packaging using the embossing process

Shuke 7day

in order to meet the personalized needs of consumers, Shuke launched 7days mood toothpaste (one package can accommodate seven different flavors of toothpaste at the same time), which broke the user experience of traditional toothpaste. The orders of extruder enterprises will rise significantly and create different ideas

Mengniu hi! Milk

from the overall structure of the product packaging to every detail, hey, milk gives people a refreshing feeling. The perfect combination of octahedral Tetra Pak packaging and cow image is a rare ingenious idea in previous product packaging, including the design of cow ears, which makes the side and the whole of the packaging natural, and brings more possibilities for brand building

blue moon machine wash Supreme

blue moon machine wash supreme uses a large capacity machine wash pump head design, which requires only one press, one pump at a time, and is easy to operate. With 8g per pump, consumers can clearly know the amount of detergent added by calculating the number of pumps pressed, avoiding waste. The details of pump head anti slip pattern and indenter depression design reflect its "craftsman spirit"

small cans of tea

are packed with nitrogen, sealed with food grade aluminum film, protected from light, oxidation, moisture and odor, and fully retain the aroma of tea; Change the original specification, one pot one bubble, and don't touch tea when taking tea, which is convenient and hygienic

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