How long can the hottest insulation suit be used

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How long can thermal insulation clothes be used?

Abstract: many working environments need thermal insulation clothes. Thermal insulation clothing is not always able to use, but has a certain service life. How long can the thermal insulation suit be used

how long can the thermal insulation clothing be used?

speaking of the equipment of thermal insulation clothing, many partners have expressed great concern over the past year, especially in the current work of some fatigue test analysis methods, such clothing is needed, and they pay more attention to it. Its characteristic is that it can realize flame retardance, especially in fire protection. In fact, for the use of this clothing and equipment, the regulation of fire management is three years, but it also depends on its use

when we maintain the thermal insulation clothing, we need to do the following work:

1. When using this equipment and the vertical tensile testing machine is suitable for plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials, we must do a good job in dealing with the aftermath, which must be paid attention to. For the condition of the thermal insulation clothing after use, we must carefully check the damage

2. The clothing should be cleaned. The cleaning identification and inspection used are highly professional. The working materials must be neutral to avoid damage. Be careful not to rub vigorously during cleaning, because it is likely to damage the aluminum coating and lose the fire prevention effect

3. Once the thermal insulation clothing touches chemicals or bubbles appear, it must be cleaned according to the situation, and it is not recommended to use it again in serious cases

4. When we need to store after cleaning, we should pay attention to keeping it dry

5. When the aluminum coating of protective and thermal insulation clothing is damaged, we must pay attention to spraying the aluminum coating in time. It is best to go to a professional place to avoid problems

in short, we can see that the use of this equipment is necessary and has many skills. If we blindly use it without considering its later maintenance and other aspects, it will certainly cause some harm. In this case, we will be in danger, so we must pay attention to it. Through the relevant introduction of the above thermal insulation clothing, we have a detailed understanding of its service life

at present, I believe many friends pay great attention to occupational health, and health work is increasingly valued at present. Let's take protective clothing as an example. Many working environments require protective equipment, such as thermal insulation clothing, which is very critical. Far from it, let's talk about the thermal insulation clothing. In fact, this equipment is not always usable, but has a certain service life. How long can this equipment be used? For this problem, let's talk about it in detail

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