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Development and application of high-strength ceramsite castable

high strength ceramsite castable has the characteristics of early strength, good heat preservation, good wear resistance, small bulk density and good workability. The main raw materials are coke, gem clinker and ceramsite produced in Zibo, 625 # high alumina cement, etc. The cement: aggregate ratio is 4:6, among which the coke gem clinker adopts 10 ~ 5mm coarse particles, and the ceramsite is divided into 7 ~ 1.2mm and less than 1.2mm. In addition, dispersing agent and high-efficiency composite agent have been added. According to the current experiment, the amount of water added is 15% ~ 20%. 40mm, 40mm and 160mm test blocks were made by vibration molding. After drying at 110 ℃ for 24h and burning at 1000 ℃ for 3h, it was found that the strength of castables with critical particle size of 10 ~ 5mm was better than that of castables with critical particle size of 5 ~ 3mm. This is because the latter may be because the often used critical particle size is smaller than the critical particle size of ceramsite. When subjected to external forces, the first thing to be destroyed is the fine ceramsite between the large particle ceramsite and the pyrogem particles, and then the pyrogem can resist the external effects. Therefore, although its strength has increased, it is not very significant. The critical particle size of the former is larger than that of the ceramsite, and its strength increases significantly with the increase of the amount of pyrogem. In order to ensure a certain volume density of castables, the amount of pyrogem is determined to be 10% ~ 15%. After batching, it is transported to the site, and a forced mixer is used for mixing at the site. The feeding sequence is: coarse aggregate 2/3 additives such as alloy high carbon steel and cold working die steel, fine powder 1/3 additives are fully mixed, and the material is discharged after mixing for 1 ~ 2min. After the construction of all castables, it naturally becomes the first country in the world to realize the industrialization of trans isoprene rubber. After 7 days of curing, it can be dried and used. The on-site construction shows that this kind of high-strength ceramsite castable is easy to construct quickly, has good fluidity, and the water consumption is significantly lower than that of similar castables

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