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Development and application of melt blown nonwovens in China

China has developed melt blown nonwovens for more than 10 years, and has developed many characteristic products in these 10 years, Some application fields of melt blown products are listed below:

① heat preservation and timely absorption of key enterprises in the industry and relevant parties to join the product

because melt blown non creatinine is a low molecular uremic toxin in the blood, the fibers in the woven fabric belong to superfine fibers, which are light in weight, soft in hand and good in heat preservation. At the same time, the gap between the fibers of melt blown non-woven fabric is small, but the gap is large, and the permeability is very superior, This determines that melt blown nonwovens are excellent insulation materials

melt blown thermal insulation materials are developing rapidly in China, and many domestic enterprises use melt blown fibers for this purpose. Tianjin TEDA ecological cotton is actually made of melt blown fiber. Figure 2 shows the form of TEDA ecological cotton, which is a floc with a special structure of spacing and lamination between the two layers of melt blown cloth, so that it has more air gap and better thermal insulation performance of melt blown thermal insulation material. The eco cotton of Tianjin TEDA group has become a well-known brand in China. This material has been favored by military logistics departments. Some troops have used melt blown fiber thermal insulation materials to make complete sets of clothing for soldiers

in addition to being used as clothing flocs to keep warm, melt blown fiber flocs can also be wrapped on the surface of steam transmission pipelines, infusion pipelines or other storage appliances that need heat insulation as an effective insulation layer, so as not to lose heat or cold capacity. American 3M company has developed a series of insulation products for various purposes. Its core technology is to use melt blown fiber as the basic material. However, if all of them are melt blown fibers, the heat preservation property is very good at the beginning. After being used for a period of time, the melt blown flocs are easy to compact, and the air gap is gone, the heat preservation effect will be greatly reduced. Therefore, a certain amount of coarse denier polyester fibers must be evenly mixed into the melt blown fibers, so that the evenly distributed air gap between flocs is always maintained. Baoster company has developed an original technology. It is said that it can also check whether the universal experimental machine has a path

② filter material

melt blown nonwovens are very suitable for liquid-solid separation or gas-solid separation because of their fine fiber diameter, large specific surface area, small pores and high porosity. It is suitable for filtration above sub high efficiency in air filtration. For example, labor protection and medical masks and gas masks can filter out harmful particles such as dust and bacteria. They can also be used for air conditioning, air filtration in cars and engine air filtration. Especially when the melt blown fiber is treated by standing polarization, the filtration efficiency of air filtration can exceed 99%, or even reach 99.999%. They can be used as high-demand air purification places such as ultra clean workshops of electronic equipment. In 2003, melt blown nonwovens were popular to prevent SARS infection, Because the melt blown nonwovens treated by standing polarization can effectively prevent the invasion of bacteria and viruses as masks or masks

in the past, some high-demand air filtration commonly used micro glass fiber filter materials. In recent years, research has shown that glass fiber is easy to break off, harmful to human body, and may even cause cancer. The World Health Organization IARC classifies glass fiber as IB, which is a possible carcinogen. In addition, glass fiber can not add electrostatic charge for standing polarization, so as time goes by, melt blown filter materials will be more and more widely used

③ oil absorbing materials

China is a large oil consumer, and its consumption has ranked second in the world. China's maritime transportation industry has developed rapidly. Oil spill accidents of oil tankers and oily sewage discharge of ships often occur, which seriously pollute the water quality, especially in coastal ports, bays and coastal waters, and bring serious consequences to the ecological environment

polypropylene melt blown nonwovens are popular in this field because of their ultra-fine fiber structure, hydrophobic and lipophilic, light specific gravity, water absorption of 0.01%, insoluble in oil and acid and alkali resistance. Their oil absorption can reach 20 to 50 times their own weight. They have the characteristics of fast oil absorption, long-term floating on the water surface after oil absorption, good water and oil replacement performance, and can be used repeatedly for long-term storage

Europe, America, Japan and other countries have widely used meltblown oil absorption materials for oil drainage treatment of factory equipment, marine environmental protection, sewage treatment, and other oil spills and oil pollution treatment, and all have specific regulations requiring ships and seaports to be equipped with a certain amount of meltblown oil absorption materials to prevent environmental pollution

China has attracted extensive attention from relevant parties in this regard. It is said that some seaports have begun to prepare some meltblown oil absorption mats, oil absorption grids, oil absorption belts and other products for use when necessary. In addition, some oil absorption products for restaurants and even household purposes are also gradually promoted. However, ships and seaports must be equipped with a certain amount of melt blown oil absorption materials to prevent environmental pollution

④ medical and health products

medical and health products can be made by compounding melt blown nonwovens and other materials. Generally, melt blown nonwovens can be compounded with breathable and moisture permeable membranes, and more commonly, spunbonded fabrics and melt blown fabrics can be compounded into SMS, SMMs, etc. Spunbonded cloth mainly makes the composite cloth have enough strength, while melt blown cloth prevents the blood and sewage with bacteria or viruses from invading the human body. Its composite products can be made into disposable or limited use protective clothing, surgical clothing, masks, surgical hole towels, bed sheets, hospital curtains, etc. These products can be treated with anti-static, anti alcohol, anti plasma, water repellent, oil repellent, anti pollution, acid resistant, alkali resistant, flame retardant, UV resistant and other special treatments as required. As mentioned earlier, melt blown nonwovens can enhance its barrier and shielding effect of bacteria, viruses and sewage liquid as RMB funds after resident polarization treatment. Protective products made of its composite fabric can prevent cross infection between patients and medical staff, as well as infection between patients and healthy people

when SARS was prevalent in China in 2003, the barrier and shielding effects of melt blown nonwovens were widely recognized, and the application of melt blown nonwovens in medical and health care was highly valued, which promoted the rapid development of melt blown nonwovens. With the development of medical and health care in China, the application of melt blown nonwovens and their composites in medical and health care will be further developed

⑤ industrial and household wipes

industrial and household wipes are the fastest-growing market at present. Because melt blown nonwovens have strong detergency, soft hand feel and do not damage the wiped surface, they have great development prospects. Some foreign enterprises use melt blown nonwovens to make baby wipes, household wipes and personal wipes, which are very popular. Melt blown wipes can also be used for automotive wipes, precision machine tools, precision instrument wipes, etc

⑥ lead acid battery separator

polypropylene melt blown nonwoven fabric can be used as lead acid battery separator after treatment. The annual consumption in China is about 6000 tons. Because melt blown nonwovens have the characteristics of small aperture, high porosity, low resistance, light weight, and can be used for sealing bags, and the materials are relatively cheap, they can replace PVC partitions. At present, the melt blown cloth used to make this kind of battery separator is mainly made by intermittent equipment

⑦ sound insulation products

melt blown nonwovens can absorb the transmission of sound waves. Therefore, it can be used as sound insulation materials in cars, residences and ultra quiet rooms, such as the computer box in cars, the outer layer of advanced sound, etc. must be isolated by melt blown layer. It is said that this application is just beginning, and there is a lot of room for development. (end)

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