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Development and application of high efficiency and low energy consumption large pallet injection molding machine (Part 2)

3. Technological innovation

3.1 multipoint composite injection molding technology and structural microporous injection and ordinary solid injection convertible technology

the innovative multipoint composite injection molding process of the large pallet plastic injection molding machine of this project can be used for structural microporous injection molding, It can also be easily converted into ordinary entities. Note: if the dry spring relay responsible for counting signal input is damaged, the non counting display is formed. Multi point composite injection optimizes the molding path. It can process and recycle waste plastics and materials with small melt index. The large pallet plastic injection molding machine of this project has gone out of the misunderstanding of "simply magnifying the traditional single injection point injection molding machine to create a large injection molding machine". The structural micropore injection molding process can improve the product stress, save materials and improve the product stiffness; Ordinary solid injection molding, each point handle can be broken at the same time, and the injection molding result is the same as that of ordinary solid single point injection molding

3.2 mold direct locking technology

mold direct locking technology releases the huge mold locking force of the injection molding machine frame, and greatly reduces the volume and weight of the injection molding machine. The problem of high cost of large-scale injection molding machine has been fundamentally solved

large moulds are installed vertically, and the force of the moulds is reasonable, so as to avoid the accidents caused by the displacement of the large moulds installed on the horizontal mainframe during the operation of the machine

3.3 simple product taking manipulator technology

this machine opens the mold vertically. When opening the mold, the product taking car equipped with wooden brackets automatically enters the mold according to the process sequence, and the products fall on the product taking car. Then, the car automatically retreats to its original position to complete the full-automatic process. At present, large horizontal injection molding machines at home and abroad need to purchase expensive manipulator equipment. The cost of the two technical schemes is very different. Obviously, this technology is simple and practical, and is more suitable for "plastic pallet machine". This technology has no precedent at home and abroad

3.4 intelligent mechanical technology and energy-saving mechanical technology

the control core of KH super large plastic injection molding machine is PLC and expansion module. The control software instructions compiled by ourselves make the machine produce automatically, display faults and alarm. PLC is equipped with a communication port, which can accept external instructions, check the operation process and remote fault treatment, and adapt to the full automatic control requirements of "unmanned workshop"

this machine uses the accumulator group as the auxiliary active power source, and the PLC reasonably arranges the loading time of each process. Combined with multi-point composite injection, the injection pressure is reduced, and the direct mold locking technology reduces the energy consumption of mold locking, "no shutdown for plastic molding" technology makes the screw work C) qualified products (c) The energy consumption of this machine is only 50% of that of the same type of machine

3.5 process specific safety

this machine opens the mold vertically, and the products fall on the product taking manipulator, and the process is unattended. When the traditional horizontal large-scale injection molding machine is opened, the operator enters the machine to take out the products (some manufacturers do not buy expensive manipulator), which is a dangerous operation

3.6 hot cylinder sealing technology

kh super large plastic injection molding machine hot cylinder sealing technology comes from the automotive industry. The sealing of the injection cylinder and storage cylinder of the machine is multi-channel rare earth alloy cast iron piston ring group, the design pressure resistance is 200MPa and 20MPa respectively, and the operating life is 4x106m

3.7 modular combination

with the hydraulic interface as the boundary point, it is divided into several modules, which can be installed with a 5-ton crane, transported by ordinary trucks, and the plant is an ordinary plant

3.8 process control of recycled waste plastics

according to the production practice in the R & D stage of the project, the processing and recycling of waste plastics: first, there must be a guarantee of machine processing capacity; Second, the "pre process design" should be implemented for the return processing

"pre process design" content: 1. Understand the needs of users in detail. 2. Master the material quality and category of the source of this batch of plastic recycling. 3. Carry out necessary process test. 4. Formulate detailed process documents according to production batches to guide production

3.9 expands the application field of thermoplastic large-scale molding

this project has carried out major reforms in the mold closing part, injection part and manipulator of the traditional injection molding machine, making a major breakthrough in the international subject of super large thermoplastic molding and the development of super large machines. One time injection molding 1. It is also possible to establish a macro-control and market conditioning mechanism for 200 kg thermoplastic parts. Such as processing Railway "plastic sleepers" with waste HDPE, super large plastic fan blades for wind power generation, automobile injection molded shells, plastic isolation piers for highways, large sealed containers for military industry, etc

the project will eventually expand the scope of injection molding products and application fields, benefiting people's lives

in conclusion, the technological innovation of this project is of great significance for large-scale injection molding of polymer materials. The process technology is at the international advanced level, and the project has its own industrial intellectual property rights. The machine has the characteristics of energy saving, processing recycled materials, high efficiency, etc., meets the requirements of environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of resources, reduces the cost of the machine, is suitable for China's national conditions, and is the preferred model for the development of large-scale environmental protection plastic products in China

the large-scale injection molding machine of this project is sold in China. After continuous improvement, it will participate in the market competition of international large-scale injection molding machines

4. the development status of the project at home and abroad and the comparison of similar products at home and abroad

due to the worldwide environmental protection, it has become a trend for all countries to control the spread of plant diseases and pests and reduce the use of wood. There is a demand for plastic freight pallets to replace wooden pallets in all countries around the world. Driven by the market demand, it has promoted the development of energy-saving and environmental friendly super large injection molding machines. For example, uni versal and hettinga in the United States are guided by the molding theory of multipoint composite injection structure microporous technology to reduce machine energy consumption and machine cost. To form super large plastic parts to the greatest extent, but this machine is a horizontal type, and its nozzle, hot runner and nozzle cylinder need to be assembled according to the template, so it is difficult to operate, and this kind of machine can only carry out structural microporous injection, and the surface of plastic parts produced by it has gas wires, which is difficult for Chinese customers to accept. The plastic tray machine that hettinga sells in China is structural micropore injection, and there is a multi station plastic tray machine suitable for thick wall products (the price of this machine is 2.3 million US dollars). Another example is Germany remanpln's special research on super large waste injection molding machine, which produces plastic pallets. Its process route is to increase the diameter of a single nozzle and lock the mold with a small displacement after injection (the machine can start from a production line at a price of 4.5 million marks). After observing the pallet products produced by it: 1.5m × l.2m × The central gate of the 0.16m tray is obviously black, which means that the temperature at the gate is too high and the material has been burned. For another example, the plastic pallet machines of sandretto in Italy, quanlifa in Taiwan, and Haitian in Ningbo simply enlarge the "traditional injection molding machine". Due to high energy consumption, huge machine weight, single nozzle, and unable to eat and return materials, the molding of large products is limited, and its development space is very small

5 the main technical parameters of the large tray injection molding machine series

6 practical application and conclusion

the 40000 g large tray plastic injection molding machine of this project processes 1200mm × 1100mm × 150 tray, which is nearly 50% lower in energy consumption and 30% higher in efficiency than the ordinary large-scale injection molding machine. The practical application shows that the development of this project is successful, and provides a new injection molding machine with high efficiency and low energy consumption for the molding tray and super large injection molding parts

Author: Zhang Yougen

from: Ningbo HNA Kangkude Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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