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By 2030, Germany wants to reduce the CO2 emission of vehicles to half of the target value in 2021

on June 6, local time, the German Ministry of environment released an opinion that by 2025, the CO2 emission of new vehicles will be reduced by 1/4 compared with the CO2 emission target value in 2021; By 2030, reduce by 50%. This is more stringent than the emission requirements of the EU. Compared with the target value in 2021, the EU requires to reduce vehicle CO2 emissions by 15% by 2025; By 2030, 30% reduction

the opinion also states that stricter emission limits play a very important role in the transition to electric vehicles to alleviate environmental pressure. DW said that in the EU and Germany, investment in low emission and zero emission technologies is crucial to protect employment and the future of the industry

a study conducted by Fraunhofer institution of Germany on the ILO shows that by 2030, about 75000 or 1/8 jobs in the traditional internal combustion engine industry in Germany will be lost, and will turn to the field of electric motors. The most affected suppliers of small auto parts. Bernd osterl, chairman of the Volkswagen trade union, can also be divided into many types according to the type of operation. Oh said that compared with gasoline and diesel powered vehicles, the power components of electric vehicles are only 1/6

recently, the German economic weekly (wiwo) said that since September last year, the European Union began to force automobile enterprises to carry out fuel consumption test according to wltp (global unified light vehicle test procedure) regulations to replace the existing NEDC test cycle, which made European automobile enterprises feel panic. In addition, the EU has added a set of RDE (actual driving emissions) test procedures similar to the supplementary test procedures, which will be implemented in September 2019

wiwo quoted data from VDA (German automobile industry federation) that automobile manufacturers need to obtain 500 approvals for tire pressure, gearbox and battery. The cement pressure tester is an inspection equipment specially developed for cement plants, which leads to the delay of new models

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