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Continuum selected Genesys purecloud and KPN as European interactive platform providers

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cti Forum (November 13) (compilation/old Qin): continuum global solutions signed a strategic agreement with KPN at the end of October to deliver data and voice networks. The interactive platform purecloud (from Genesys) and managed services created this overall solution for European deployment and management. The combination of Genesys and KPN gives continuum the opportunity to own Genesys' cloud solution, which can handle customer interaction in all locations and home workplaces. KPN will work closely with Genesys and other business partners to fully deploy this cloud solution in the fourth quarter of 2019

Peter Brouwer, senior director of continuum, said: purecloud is an extensible, flexible and secure solution. It enables us to add a large number of verified innovations to the interactive platform in continuum through API links. It should stop communicating programs through the serial port (COM port) behind the computer. In this way, we can help our employees get the best experience together with the end users of our customers. The only way is to replace the sensors. The cooperation with KPN enables us to quickly launch our solutions and meet our existing high quality standards for new and old customers

wiljanvan werkhoven, customer director of KPN, added: we are very happy to establish a link between KPN and continuum and make progress in the field of contact center technology and business process outsourcing. In these major projects, good cooperation, knowledge transfer and continuous innovation are essential

genesys account manager do said in order to generate high-definition edge n wagemans: continuum works in a rapidly changing dynamic customer environment, so it needs agile CX operations. Genesys purecloud is an easy to implement, user-friendly CX platform with an intuitive user interface. It enables rapid account configuration and seamless integration with existing systems. Flexible environments can scale immediately to accommodate peak capacity and meet changing requirements through constant functionality and capacity updates. With this solution, continuum is ready for the future and growth of its customer base in Europe

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