German plastic production fell by 25% last year

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Last year, Germany's plastic production fell by 2.5%

these have become a reality. The German Plastics Industry Association recently said that affected by the global financial crisis, Germany's plastic production in 2008 fell by 2.5% compared with the previous year, and its sales revenue fell by 2.0%. In 2008, the output of plastics in Germany was 20million tons and the sales revenue was 22.8 billion euros

gunterhilken, chairman of the association, said that last year was an unprecedented year, and the plastic industry staged a roller coaster Market: the market demand grew strongly in the first half of the year, but fell sharply in the second half of the year. He also believes that the utilization of waste foam granulator in Germany is limited, and the material industry is unlikely to recover before 2010

however, the system is also applicable to the restoration of historic sites and the use of liquid process environment and other old buildings. Hilken pointed out that the plastic industry should not be too pessimistic because manufacturers have taken various measures to reduce costs and improve production efficiency to cope with the current downturn cycle. At the same time, hilken called on the government to provide a favorable development environment for the plastic industry, including the introduction of tax incentives

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