Germany opposes EU tax on China's solar products

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Germany opposes EU tax on China's solar energy products according to comprehensive media reports, the European Commission proposed anti-dumping measures against China's solar energy products last week, while the German government held a different position. The German economy minister will meet with the EU Trade Commissioner on Tuesday. The European Union wants to impose punitive tariffs on solar panels made in China, which German officials recently opposed. Steffen Seibert, spokesman of the German Chancellor's office, said on Monday that the international influence of China's plastic machinery industry was increasing. Chancellor Merkel always believed that the best way was to reach a consensus with China. On this basis, Germany and the European Union should achieve fair competition for China's imported products. Seibert also pointed out that the European Commission did not do so, but made its own decision

On May 8, the European Commission proposed to member states that anti-dumping measures should be taken against solar energy products imported from China. The year-on-year growth rate was 0.9%, 7.6%, 1.8% and 7.2% respectively. According to the insider of the European Commission, the tentative punitive tariff rate was 47% after the experiment, which took effect on June 6 this year. Before the formal commencement of anti-dumping measures, the representatives of Member States will hold hearings, but the final decision-making power remains with the European Commission

the German Federal Ministry of economy said that it had called on China to carry out targeted political consultations with the European Commission, so as to reach a plan acceptable to both sides. A spokesman of the Ministry of Economic Affairs said that the current position of the European Commission is too tough. When the European Commission makes decisions, The Ministry of economic affairs is concerned that if the European Commission insists on anti-dumping against Chinese solar products, there will be a risk of a trade war between Europe and China, and other industries in Germany will also be impacted.

according to German reports, German economy minister Philipp R sler will meet with EU Trade Commissioner Karel de Gucht on Tuesday and discuss the matter

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