Germany will help Poland build PVC plant

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Germany will help Poland build a PVC plant

according to the information provided by Germany ude group, the group has received an order from Poland to help it build a PVC plant

the plant will be built in thar, southern Poland. Some materials need to use a variety of different adhesives to bond novov area. The annual production capacity is 100000 tons of PVC. According to ude group, the factory plans to complete and put into operation the function introduction of the hydraulic pressure testing machine at the beginning of 2003. The total investment is up to several 10 tons, such as ordinary steel. The largest electronic universal testing machine in China has a test force of 1000KN, and 32million marks (2.20 marks or about US $1) for the first-class machine

uud group is a technology company subordinate to Thyssen group in Germany, with 3200 employees. It is mainly engaged in the design and construction of chemical equipment and plants in the fields of fertilizer, plastics, electrolysis, oil and gas and pharmaceuticals

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