Find Street guerrillas to decorate and save money.

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Many owners think that it is not cost-effective to find a decoration company to decorate, so they find a roadside construction team, which is indeed much cheaper than looking for a decoration company. However, there are many disadvantages in finding workers to decorate, and decoration workers can easily get all kinds of oil and water. For Wuhan owners who have no decoration experience, it is easy to be slaughtered. In this way, there is no money saved and so much energy and time, which is simply not worth the loss. Next, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network will tell you the trick of "fishing for oil and water" of the guerrillas on the road

1. Workers encourage to discard old materials

this is a big "oil-water" step in the whole project, especially the reconstruction of old houses, such as wires, switches and sockets, wooden floors, old wires and other things you think you can throw away, but in fact, these things can be sold. Even if you think that one is still usable, workers will use various explanations to tell you that the previous one is not good and must be replaced. The owner also wanted to transform it inside and outside and replace it with a new one, which was logical, so the biggest oil and water in this part was taken away by the workers

2. It is quite serious to emphasize that there are not enough materials and let the owners buy more

many road guerrillas and building materials stores are in a cooperative relationship, that is, workers can get a commission when they take the owners to the material store to buy things. The more the owners consume, the higher the Commission the workers will get. Therefore, workers often say to the owners that there are not enough materials and they need to buy more

3. Companies with good cost performance in Wuhan decoration budget believe that this phenomenon is more dangerous, mostly in half package projects. Unlike taking away materials directly, changing materials is relatively safe, because most people are unaware of it. As long as you don't watch on the spot 24 hours a day, you can change the material as long as there is a seam. What you bought, such as wire switches, is a new pipe, which can be disassembled in other homes and installed into the wall. Can you know? The nails on carpentry you buy are 10 yuan, and the usable ones may be 4 yuan... The "cheating on others" is the most immoral, because it directly causes serious hidden dangers to your future life! For example, many owners reported that the work of air switches at home failed, paint fell off, switches and sockets were damaged, and most of these were related to the use of inferior materials. Recommended reading: Construction comparison between construction teams and decoration companies

4. Fake performance implies that the owners give benefits

the workers who use this means are quite skilled in "fishing for oil and water". Every time the owners arrive, the workers work extra hard, and this feeling seems a little artificial, which makes the owners uncomfortable. In the environment of delayed construction period and substandard construction quality, it is still quite difficult for the owner to complete the project with quality and quantity. For example, when the hydropower construction period is completed five days ahead of schedule, the workers explicitly or implicitly ask the owner to give benefits to reward themselves, and many owners will also give some good cigarettes to the workers. As long as the owner gives benefits once, the workers will get used to it, and in the future, they will want benefits and force the owner to comply, But the vast majority of owners acquiesced in this behavior by taking these additional expenses as part of their investment in decoration

summary: Xiaobian believes that for people who have little experience in decoration, it is a very risky thing to find workers to directly decorate, which is easy to be killed by workers. It is better to find a reliable and regular Wuhan decoration company to really save money and worry, and the project quality is more guaranteed





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