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In order to meet the urgent home decoration needs of some Wuhan decoration owners, Xiaobian collected and sorted out some cases of different styles of home decoration renderings shared by Wuhan decoration companies with high cost performance. This case is the decoration case of wuhan carnival decoration by Hankou lake. No more nonsense, there is a picture and a truth right away

[specific room type]: Hankou Lake (community group), 105 square meters, three bedrooms and two living rooms

[design description]: designers try to use neat and concise line boards to outline and reinterpret the modern fashion in the fresh and simple style, and try to choose neutral tones such as white and light yellow in the overall tone selection. On this basis, the furniture is treated with light colors, purple and stripes, which makes the space full of modern fashion. The proper placement of plants gives the whole space infinite vitality. In the whole set of cases, the design is the climax of color, and the ability to control it is vividly reflected. Of course, the carnival designer does not forget to grasp the details of the space, which not only makes the whole house have a strong visual impact, but also fully ensures the comfort and functionality of the space

[decoration company]: wuhan carnival decoration; Half pack 57000 yuan

[space display]

living room: the matching design of white and gray shows a warm and comfortable experience, and the round carpet, purple armchair, gray sofa plus striped pillows, decorative paintings and accessories decorate a sunny and healthy environmental atmosphere

restaurant: the kitchen and restaurant are planned to be on the same moving line to facilitate the unimpeded interaction of family members. The shelf shaped restaurant chandelier is full of novelty and a tubular candlestick on the table creates an elegant and romantic dinner atmosphere

breakfast area: the soft outfit matching design in the breakfast area is very fresh and fashionable. The embedded striped sofa with tempered glass dining table and fashionable White Dining Chair give people a light and fashionable aesthetic feeling, and the hollow window decoration makes people bright

Kitchen: according to the introduction of wuhan carnival decoration, the kitchen adopts an open fashion design. The marble central bar creates a light and fashionable beauty

master bedroom: the elegant color matching looks very comfortable. The white bedside background wall is lined up with simple decorative paintings, the earth color bedding is matched with light blue pillows, and the desk lamps with symmetrical and round texture on both sides are arranged with elegant visual effects

secondary bedroom: compared with the previous bedroom, the soft fitting design of this bedroom is fashionable and elegant. The Khaki pull buckle classic bed back is matched with the bed products with convex and concave lines, and the simple and fashionable table lamp is added to create a noble and fashionable sleeping atmosphere

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