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The door is equivalent to the face of a home. How important the face is to people's appearance, then the door is to the whole home decoration. With the improvement of people's social consciousness and living standards, people have a growing preference for wooden doors. Wooden doors are selected from nature. They are beautiful, healthy and environmentally friendly, and have won the welcome of more and more audiences. So how can we choose satisfactory wooden doors? And what are the main points of purchase? Next, we will analyze these aspects to help you buy a good wooden door with good quality and low price, and open a better family life

I. color

wooden doors do not exist alone in a space, but should be coordinated with the color matching of the whole interior. In terms of color, you can't make any choice. You must consider the decoration style of the whole interior, and think about the color of wooden doors in the general category of style. No matter the collocation of any space, we should pay attention to the coordination of proportion, so that each color can play its greatest role in the right position. A large area of the same color system will ensure that the whole interior is harmonious and beautiful, and a little bit of embellishment color will help to break the too harmonious color, and make the whole interior color jump in stability, so as not to give people a dull and rigid feeling

II. Shape and style

whether the wooden door looks good or not depends on the appearance and personal preferences. In addition, the shape of the door should be matched with the style of the whole interior. For example, European style wooden doors should be selected for European style decoration, and modern style wooden doors should be selected for modern style wooden doors. Don't just look at the shape, but don't pay attention to the collocation of the overall style

III. material and texture

when choosing a satisfied wooden door, people naturally consider the material of the wooden door. Wood doors are roughly divided into composite doors, solid wood doors and full wood doors, each of which has a different touch, and there are also great differences in price and texture. In addition to the material of the wooden door, the wooden door can also be classified from the perspective of paint technology: full paint (smooth surface), open paint (Rough can feel the wood texture), paint free (mostly PVC veneer, no paint is required). The touch and texture of people are naturally different due to different paint technology

IV. brand

many people will consider the brand when choosing wooden door products. After all, the size of a brand determines its brand influence. Only a brand that can stand the test of time and the masses is a truly trustworthy brand. Therefore, when purchasing wooden doors, if consumers do not understand professional knowledge, they can consider the brand and find the wooden doors they want more quickly

v. hardware accessories

a good wooden door naturally cannot lack hardware accessories. The choice of accessories is also very important. As the saying goes, a good horse matches a good saddle. So, what does the object and accessories include? Such as hinges, doorknobs, locks and door bumps are indispensable to a good wooden door. Appropriate hardware accessories can add icing on the cake, improve the quality of wooden doors, and add luster to the whole home atmosphere

the above are the precautions and methods for choosing a satisfactory wooden door. Wooden doors are becoming more and more important in our family, so we should be more careful in choosing. The quality of a wooden door is not only related to the decoration effect of the whole room, but also reflects the owner's taste and cultivation

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